About Helen

My journey to health has led me down paths that have inspired me and fueled my passion to help others regain the balance of health in their life.
I am not alone when I speak of overcoming tremendous personal health issues and turning towards a practice of healing. The work becomes the life and my life is truly better for it. 
At 28 years old I was a mom of two kids, 8 and 5 years old. I had 30+ piano students and a  sewing business that employed 5 other people part-time. Needless to say, I was very busy used to it. 
I was dealing with extreme fatigue that gradually got much worse among many other symptoms, including muscle weakness, sporadic shaking, swallowing difficulties, severe digestive issues, nerve numbness, chronic pain, ulcers, ect… The bottom line was I was really sick! My gait changed, I needed a cane to walk with balance periodically, I would have bouts of some improvement and then some weeks of complete regression for which time I was bed/couch ridden and could barely get up to brush my teeth or go to the bathroom. My heart would race and my body perspired at the slightest use of any energy. I began to consume blog posts, books, and YouTube content on healthy eating, recovery from autoimmune disease, MS, chronic fatigue, etc.. I did the GAPS diet for a whole year with little to no improvement. I had lots of doctor visits and was told I likely have MS and needed to get further testing. 
I began to lose my sense of self in that I was no longer able to show up in life as the person I identified with. Was I dying? 
Some people thought I was, including my poor children. I began to see iridologists who would read my eyes and tell me about my organs and nutrient deficiencies, acupuncturists that would tell me my chi was low and emotional toxic burden high, foot zoners that would hit points on my feet that almost made me cry and yet the road to recovery was coming. Slow but sure, I began to see my health improve. 
Learning how to listen to my body and appreciate that this day I had enough energy to go outside with my kids and make our own meals. Everything changed in my life. I was no longer the person I was before. I learned to lean on my inner guidance and found the wisdom to heal was innate and not something I needed to find. It was a transformation that opened many doors for me and helped me in numerous ways become the person I am now. 
I don’t tell this sorry for sympathy but for offering hope to the person that might feel like there is no point in trying to heal, it’s too hard and everyone says it can’t be done. Or who feel  too sick to even imagine something better is possible.
Eleven years later, I am healthier now than I have ever been and can do physical activities that would have fatigued me as a child. I find joy in helping others and get passionate about finding solutions in food, lifestyle, and emotional support to enable the body’s miraculous healing ability. Our bodies are truly amazing, the miracle lies within.
~Helen Beagley

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